Montag, 2. Oktober 2017


Recently I've been doing some 1:6 scale heads and accessoires for action figures. Steven is a friend who builds custom action figures and has used some of the heads and hands I made to create stunning 1:6 scale dioramas. I'd like to show some of his great work on my models, as he has really brought them to life with his painting,the custom clothing and his attention to detail. A big thank you goes out to Steven for letting me use his pictures!

For the last time McCoy, I am a male!
Nothing to see here human.
 Hangin with the crew, hi Mum!

After some serious consideration I have come to only one conclusion, yes Captain, of course I will have drinks with you.

 And then there was this ship, it went flying by reaaaally close, like shoooooom!
Dude, are you even listening?
Grrrrr, srsly wtf!?
Whoa nice piece you got there!
High five!
Hand me your wallet.

The heads are available at my shapeways shop for you to print your own.

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