Freitag, 7. August 2015


Here I have the R.P.O.U. (Riot. Police. Officer. Unit.) armor/padding done. I kind of liked the blockyness of it and how it changes the basic shape of the robot beneath. All parts will be separate to allow for variation.

Now with even more padding! No more lawsuits through accidental collateral damage. Yes, the padding is to protect the citizen not the robot. In recent crowd control situations unpadded robots were observed to cause way severe injuries to demonstrants due to their hard shell and metal bodies, to avoid unnescessary and costly lawsuits against the AIPD, the Mk-I R.P.O.U. now has improved padding to make sure nobody is hurt more than absolutely nescessary...

Oh, and the cap he's wearing right now is a place holder and not intended for the riot version but for the normal police unit, I have to make some helmet for this one...

Still to do:

-P.O.U. vest
-P.O.U. pistol and telescopic baton
-R.P.O.U. pepperspray
-R.P.O.U. helmet
-Military head
-Neck + joints for neck

The ZR Mk-I R.P.O.U.  ( Obviously still WIP, but we're getting there )

Prepare to be thoroughly policed with the baton citizen!

Cheers! Now for some Zbrush...

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